Why Learn Android Programming?

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Learn Android In Chennai

Learn Android In Chennai

Learn Android in Chennai

Android OS is one of the most famous mobile operating systems out there in the Smartphone market. The potential of Android is immense and has captured the market completely. This has also increased the number of people who have begun providing Android Training in Chennai.
Still, we all have skeptics or in other words “IOS Fanboys” who have constantly questioned the success of Android. The following reasons present the valid points on how learning how to use Android for development takes precedence over other mobile operating systems. Based on these reasons alone, it is sufficient to opt for an Android course in Chennai.

1. Open source Code
It is one of the most important reasons that this operating system is a favourite amongst all smartphone manufacturers. The use of an open source code means tweaking and generating a more refined concept based on personal preference. This has also increased the market for Android as it has taken over 50% of the world in terms of software usage.

2. Google Play
The Play Store of Google is filled with applications that enhance the usage and also increase the efficiency of the phone by making it smarter and also increasing the functionality. This has helped developers generate more applications and also improvement of the operating of system was also brought in by providing modifications on Google Play.

3. Job Prospects
There is a substantial increase in the number of android users. This has provided a platform for developers and also the requirement of qualified Java developers has also helped in the increase in the job market.

Therefore, it is not only easy to go for Android but financially lucrative too. Corpits provides its students the necessary knowhow about Android and with the help of their expert Android developers, you would also be a developer in no-time.

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