How to Install Xampp in Windows

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How to Install Xampp in Windows

How to Install Xampp in Windows

Download and Install Xampp in Windows Trial for Free

It is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution package that has been developed by Apache Friends. It contains the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database and many scripts written in PHP and Perl programming languages. Having this solution package will get you ready to develop high quality websites that help in making adverse changes to the website and develop in locally and then make it ready for upload. XAMPP will be needed when you have your training for website development and CORPITS Chennai will help those who are looking for training classes in web development in Chennai.

Here are the instructions on how to install XAMPP. Install it and you can practice what all you learn in CORPITS at home.


For the development of PHP website applications, the requirement of downloading and setting up XAMPP Server in Local host is compulsory.
It is necessary to check whether or not the PC Specification is of 32 or 64 bit and the appropriate version has to be downloaded.

STEP 1 : Download XAMPP From Apache Friends Website

    1. Enter the url http:// on your browser to download a version of xampp that is appropriate for your computer system.

      Download Here

STEP 2 : Launch Setup

    1. After downloading the executable file which is the install file. Run it, and follow the instructions.


  1. After running the installation file, the instructions provided will guide you towards a successfull installation.


STEP 3 : Select the Components

  1. The components have to be selected based on your requirements for begining the installation. This is required when the custom check option is chosen.


STEP 4 : Choose Installation Folder

    1. The selection of the desired location for installing your software. The default location is C:\Program Files\XAMPP. The location can be changed by clicking on the folder icon which helps you browse and select your desired location.


STEP 5 : Installation Prompt

    1. Installation prompt will appear for bitnani, an extra download that is provided for installing open source applications. Click on the next button to initate the installation.



STEP 6 : Installation starts

    1. The installation procedure is through the unpacking of the files and installing them.


STEP 7 : Completing setup

    1. Click on finish after the installer had unpacked all the files and installed them in the computer.



STEP 8 : Launch Control Panel

    1. Check the box which states “Do you want to start the control panel now?” to access your installed components from the control panel.



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