How to Install WordPress on Xampp

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How to Install WordPress on Xampp

How to Install WordPress on Xampp

Download and Install WordPress on Xampp for Free

WordPress is an open source website development tool that is online. The tool has been written in PHP and it is the most easiest and powerful blogging and website content tool out there. Learning how to use WordPress and training for WordPress will give you an edge over others as more and more people opt for WordPress rather than other development tools due to its ease and attractive user interface. Training in WordPress is easy and it is even easier to learn WordPress in Chennai as CORPITS provides a WordPress Course.
Here is a glimpse of how the web development tool is. Install and find it out yourself.


Designing WordPress website applications would require the download and setup of XAMPP Server in Local and the wordpress software.


STEP 1 : Download WordPress software from the official WordPress website

    1. Type the url on the browser navigation bar to download the latest version of wordpress for your PCDownload WordPress Here

STEP 2 : Copy to Location c:/XAMPP/htdocs

    1. The downloaded rar file is to be extracted to a folder and copy it to the location c:/XAMPP/htdocs.



STEP 3 : Creation of a Blank Database in MySql

  1. The control panel in XAMPP, click on Mysql admin and open Mysql DB.


STEP 4 : Creating a Blank DB in PHPMyAdmin

    1. After the completion of STEP 3, the following screen appears. Click on New

    1. The New option will present a response to provide a name to the database on the left. Enter the name and click on create.

    1. The database will be created and the blank database will show where the name you entered at the beginning will be mentioned.


STEP 5 : Installation WordPress

    1. As shown above, a blank database has been created. Open your browser and insert the following on the address bar: localhost/yourfoldername. During the installation, select the language of your choice.



STEP 6 : Configure Database

    1. Configure the database settings and generate the necessary names to be given properly as shown below. Click on let’s go.

    1. Provide the local settings to the database along with the host, username and password. Username should be root and click submit. It should be the same as the one added while creating the database.

    1. A successfull install partial message would show up and then click on run

    1. Next step you would get welcome screen where it asks fill the necessary site name. Set the admin username & password of your choice then click install wordpress


STEP 7 : Completing setup

    1. The success page showcasign the username you have entered would popup.

    1. After that you would get a login screen to give your username and password created during installation then click login

    1. You will be logged into admin panel with all the necessary options available shown as follows.

    1. To activate theme go to appearance, click on themes and there will be default theme twentythirteen theme. Click on activate for activating the theme. You can the theme as follows.

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