How to Install 3ds Max

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How to Install 3DS Max

How to Install 3DS Max

Download and Install 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max was formerly called 3D Studio. It is a 3D computer graphics program for professionals and it is used for making models, animations, games and images all in 3D. Learning how to use 3ds Max is important for Graphics designers and those who are in graphic designing courses in Chennai. Find out more about how you can generate amazing 3D images and games by enrolling in graphic designing courses at CORPITS, the best graphic design institute in Chennai.

STEP 1 : Download 3ds Max form Autodesk website

  1. Type the url on your browser to download the lastest version of 3ds max for PC

    Download Here

  2. Download 3DS Max

STEP 2 : Create Account

  1. Enter your email address to generate a new account so that download can be initiated
  2.  Create Account

  3. Login to your choose the appropriate language, version, and the OS in which you want to install.
  4. Login to Install

    Login to Install

STEP 3 : Agree to the License terms and conditions

  1. Click on accept and then on install now

    Click on accept & Install Now

STEP 4 : License Service Agreement

  1. Choose on Accept and then click on Install

  2. Accept and Install

STEP 5 : Installation Progress

  1. The installation will begin and redirect.

  2. Installation Begins

  3. To start installation, click on Install.

  4. start installation

STEP 6 : Select the Location

  1. The trial version of the product will be installed in the desired location; the default location would be C: and after setting the location, click on install to proceed.

  2. Select the location

STEP 7 : Installation Progress

  1. The launch of the product would reveal a 3 year free students version of the product. Wait until all the components are installed completely downloaded and installed without any errors.

  2. Installation progress

STEP 8 : Completing Installation Progress

  1. The installation is successfull after the completion of the download.

  2. Completing Installation Progress

STEP 9 : Launch 3ds Max

  1. A desktop shortcut will be created, click on that shortcut to launch the product.

  2. Launch 3ds Max

  3. The Home screen of the product would open and all functions of the application can be used

  4. Home Screen

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