Corporate training classes

Corporate training session

The corporate sector, for the uninitiated few, is the complete definition of white collar employment coupled with high levels of professionalism and precise business acumen. The list extends but roughly this is what the field is all about. In India, students graduating from engineering colleges are given the opportunity to make their foray into the corporate, through campus recruitment drive. This gives the freshers an exciting chance to be amidst IT industry’s giants and watch the entire system work, first hand. As appalling it is, there are some basic requirements, that is expected when inside the corporate.
Students are well equipped with knowledge in their four year course of study. There is much more to employment than exhibiting intelligence and agility. This has been well researched and the need for proper induction has been raised by CORPITS, one of the very few student-centric corporate training centers in Chennai. The team at CORPITS is zealous in terms of welcoming students who are still raw and fresh into the work mode. Our team consists of IT professionals who have been through the entire cycle to impart their experience and knowledge and make students ready to make a mark for themselves in the industry.
The course is split into technical and personality development sectors where both are intertwined and taught in every session. Technical section covers in depth knowledge on the latest technology that the corporate runs on, like Cloud, Big data and Dot Net technologies. Equal focus is given to knowing the history and working style of the company, the importance of punctuality and understanding the nature of work and the occupational hazards that come with it. We also instill the importance of continuous learning as the speed of the industry’s progress is supernova. Get to be with us and learn more at CORPITS, the one and only proactive corporate training center in Chennai.

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