5 Best Online Resources for Learning Java Programming

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Best Online Resources for Learning Java

Best Online Resources For Learning Java

Java is one most popular and widely used computer languages in the industry. The dominance of this language in the industry has encouraged new programmers to adopt Java as their core and has also pressured them into mastering it.

There are many sources where programmers can take their baby steps into the world of Java. You start by understanding the very basics of the language and then move on ahead to the advance portions. The sources mentioned here do require basic computer knowledge to understand Java. I am about to debunk how these sources are helpful and what these sources advertise, and what they end up in providing you. This blog is especially for someone who wants to take Java programming seriously and not for someone who wants to just learn.

1. Java Tutorials from Oracle

Perhaps the best source to find information about Java is from the ORACLE website, where the basics of Java are broken down and numerous Java tutorials are provided to beginners in Java. There is something for everyone in this Oracle Java Tutorial. Programmers and enthusiasts can learn about the basics, using Java to create graphical user interfaces and also learning special skills. It is certainly easy to understand Java and apply basic Java language.
Learning from a manual on Java provided by Oracle is great for beginners but it can be overwhelming to see the “Really Big Index” at times. It is a constant reminder of how vast the subject of Java is and how much of time a beginner in Java will need to go through it all.

2. YouTube – Java Tutorial for Beginners

The Java programming tools for beginners is a video playlist that has been so generously put up by The New Boston, a website and game development organisation. All the videos provide a lot of information in very little time. The videos provide a practical view and also help programmers apply the knowledge practically while learning. Each video provides an in-depth view of all that you are required to do.

Such tutorials on Java might seem more appropriate for learning as it is done on the video but the understanding of the steps taken in the Java tutorials is abandoned. This further complicates the beginners in Java to understand basic Java concepts.

3. TutorialsPoint.com

Tutorials Point is a simple Java Tutorials site that focuses on presenting the basic Java concepts online to the beginners in Java. This helps the students learn Java in an affordable manner. Since the website has all types of information on Java, it can cause a bit of confusion for a beginner in Java to understand the basic concepts of Java. The execution of the concepts can be difficult without the proper guidance of a Java tutor or a beginner who has not attended Java classes.

The pros of this Java tutorials page is that there is a significant understanding portrayed for the beginners in Java to grasp. The cons of this page are that its simple approach towards providing that understanding has complicated the process of self-teaching to a great extent.

4. Udmey Online Java Tutorial

Udemy provides Java Tutorials in the form of an online Java course for beginners who want to understand basic Java concepts through the comfort of their home. This course contains 75 video lectures that can go up to 16 hours in total. These classes seem to be beneficial to anyone who wants to learn Java in 16 hours and while also providing their customers with lifetime access to the lectures.

These lectures will provide a personal touch to the learning experience for the beginners in Java and learning from lectures can be more beneficial than self teaching certain difficult concepts in Java. The cons of online courses are that such classes do not provide the personal touch they so forcefully advertise on students.

5. LearnJavaOnline.Org

Learn Java Online is an interactive Java tutorial that provides an insight into interactive learning experience and presents the beginners in Java a small peek into the basics of Java which can be further developed into understanding major Java concepts. Still, the interactive website understands the limits of training beginners on Java programming. The website focuses only on the basics and does not dwell into the major concepts that can help the beginner nurture the basic knowledge obtained from this site to something more sophisticated.

This website lacks the personal touch it so advertises stating it as “interactive”. The beginners in Java are provided with the basic concepts but do not provide an in-depth contribution on the implementation of these basic concepts.

Java Training in Chennai @ CORPITS

For beginners in Java who are enthusiastic and serious about programming should join an institute and also bring about an entire change in the level of understanding by clearing each and every question, students have. Students and eager learners of Java residing in Chennai can hit up at Corpits, a training institute that can provide professional and advanced training. It does not rush through classes as other institutes but instead it provides you 60 hours of advanced and proper training. So why wait and go through websites that promise you that you will be a professional in Java as soon as a week? It is understandable that such websites are scams feeding on your desperation while websites providing free training do have the information but not simple or not profound enough for beginners to grasp and implement. Online courses might be the new fad but there is a reason why we still have physical universities and training institutions that provide similar courses that are taught by professionals who respond and demand that the students interact with them to further expand their potential in Java.

So get Professional Java Training and Learn Advanced Java in 60 Hours at Corpits.

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